This predecessor of the Martini was probably invented by Jerry Thomas in the early 1860's when he was a bartender at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco, serving for travelers going to Martinez. However, the first written recipe is found in The Modern Bartender's guide by O.H. Byron. Here is the first written recipe from the 1887 post hum edition of Jerry Thomas' cocktail book.

• 3 cl. Old English Gin
• 6 cl. of vermouth
• 2 dashes of Maraschino liqueur
• 1 dash of Boker's bitters
• 2 small lumps of ice

Instructions: Shake up thoroughly, and strain into a large cocktail glass. Put a quarter of a slice of lemon in the glass, and serve. If the guest prefers it very sweet, add two dashes of gum syrup.