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Geranium Premium London Dry Gin was developed according to a tradition that is over 350 years old. It is the result of an unprecedented combination of the passion for gin and the skillful precision which classical scientific training gives.

Not so long ago, my father and I decided to make the best gin ever. Our aim was to create a gin that was dry and aromatic at the same time, so it could be used with both crisp mixers such as tonic and vermouth, and fruity mixers like juices, berries, and fruits.

From the beginning, we knew that a particular type of Geranium could add that special quality to the gin which we were seeking to develop and would blend in perfectly with the inevitable Juniper. Also, the common use of Geranium corresponds to the history and the original purpose of gin. This adds an extra dimension of authenticity.


My father used his skills as a chemist, while I drew on my many years of experience in doing gin tastings, and by using new technology and traditional methods we found a way to extract the essential oils from the Geranium in order to achieve the London Gin predicate.

Geranium, Juniper and 7 carefully selected botanicals are matured for 48 hours in the finest grain spirit, and then distilled in Constance, a 100 years old copper pot still. After distilling, only the purest water from our own artesian well is added.

The result is an outstanding smooth and well-balanced gin with a delicate taste of Juniper, a crisp citrus-rosy Geranium aroma with elegant notes from the other ingredients, and time has shown that we did succeed with our goal to create the ultimate Premium London Dry Gin.

Pleas enjoy responsible, H. Hammer


Geranium Gin 55° is the 5th year anniversary edition of Geranium Gin – a darling among bartenders for its ability to create balance and sustain flavours in a cocktail. 55% is the perfect alcohol strength to add more weight and enhance the pleasantness of the botanicals, and still retaining the smooth and well-balanced impression that signifies Geranium Gin.

Geranium Gin 55° is to be used for those times when more intensity of the cocktail is needed and will be the perfect choice for a Dry Martini, G&T or Negroni and any other drink where a more powerful gin has its place.